About magazine «Compressors and Pneumatics»

Magazine «Compressors and Pneumatics»


Scientific and technical magazine “Compressors and pneumatics” was founded year 1991 (8 issues a year). It was established by Compressors and Pneumatics Association and “Compressor and Chemical Engineering” Publishing House”, an Open Joint Stock Venture.

“Compressors and pneumatics” is unique magazine in Russia, as it covers all spectrum of gas compression equipment. Theory, as well as practice, for all known types and sizes of compressors (starting from piston and diaphragm-type micro-compressors and through all types of centrifugal and axial-flow super-powerful compressors) is reviewed on its pages. The table of contents includes:

Theory for calculations and design;

Methods and results of experimental researches;

Design description, including innovative;

Methods for assembling, repair, upgrade;

Characteristics for new and already existed materials for compressors;

Advanced technology for manufacturing and operation;

Methods for automation, monitoring, management, etc.

Editor-in-chief is Yuri B.Galerkin, Professor, D-r Ing. Hab., a member of the World academy of science, engineering and technology. Famous Russian and foreign scientists and Chief Executives of different Enterprises and Organizations, authors of many books and monographs are members of the Editorial Board. Articles are written by Russian and foreign scientists and specialists of the leading Scientific and Research Centers, Academies, Universities, Enterprises and Organizations, which manufacture and use compressors or compressor equipment.

Reference publications includes information on enterprises offering compressors and compressor equipment on Russian market, as well as information on exhibitions, conferences, symposiums and other events, connected with compressors.

The Magazine is distributed on all territory of the former Soviet Union and abroad. It is aimed for specialists in all of spheres of compressor equipment, similar and serviced spheres, as well as for students and post-graduate students with the same interests.

The Editorial board is continuously working to make their permanent readers be fully aware of current state-of-affairs in the sphere, including information on the very last achievements and developments in compressors.

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